Additional Support

Individual Therapy

People who are seeking support on an individual basis are invited to meet with one of our trained clinicians in a safe, caring, compassionate, and confidential space. Our therapy is solution focused, and focuses on faith, spirituality, purpose, growth, and healing.

Bridges Therapy Group

Weekly group therapy aims to foster a safe, supportive environment for adults (18+) coping with emotional trauma, anxiety, or depression, such as grief, relationship challenges, health issues, or personal setbacks. Group objectives encompass acquiring coping mechanisms, addressing cognitive patterns, fostering self-awareness, and facilitating behavioral shifts.

Bridges for Youth Therapy Group

Skills based, group therapy for 14-17 year olds focused on reducing feelings of anxiety and depression that may lead to harmful habits (excess time on screens, perfectionism, isolating self from others, worrying, etc.). Every Tuesday from 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Medical Care and Consultation

Connect with our team of medical professionals to discuss your mental health needs from a medical, physical and spiritual perspective. Services may include gathering an overall health history, conducting a physical examination, discussing wellness patterns, reviewing medications, referring and/or coordinating with primary care providers, performing lab work, interpreting results, etc.

Hearing the Unheard

“Hearing the Unheard” is a podcast featuring individuals who have faced challenging life circumstances. Through candid storytelling, guests are vulnerable as they share their experiences, offering insights into their journeys, overcoming obstacles, the role of faith, resilience, and valuable life lessons learned.

Utah Faith Summit on mental health

An annual purposeful gathering designed to educate faith leaders, community members, and individuals within the faith community about mental health from professionals and inspirational speakers.