Supporting Your Missionary From Home

Our Missionary Parent Toolkit has been compiled by a licensed therapist and a professional religious educator to help you support your missionary with 5 common concerns that missionaries face

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Making Sense of Fear and Shame


Learn how to build resilience to fear and shame. Learn how to manage difficult emotions and how the gospel can help.


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Concerns Discussed


Finding Comfort in the Field:

Being away from home for an extended period can trigger feelings of homesickness and longing for familiar comforts. Our course provides strategies to combat homesickness by fostering a sense of connection and purpose in missionary work. Participants will learn how to cultivate meaningful relationships with fellow missionaries and rely on the support of their Heavenly Father, finding comfort and solace in their faith during times of longing for home.


Overcoming Rejection with Resilience:

Rejection is an inevitable part of missionary work, but it can be challenging to navigate. In our course, participants will explore how to overcome rejection with resilience, drawing inspiration from the Savior’s example of enduring rejection and persecution. Through teachings from LDS scriptures and modern prophets, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the eternal value of every effort, finding strength and purpose in their missionary service despite setbacks.


Navigating Anxiety with Faith:

Preparing for missionary service can be an exciting yet anxiety-inducing time. Our course offers practical strategies to manage pre-mission jitters and combat anxiety with faith. Through guided exercises and discussions rooted in LDS principles, participants will develop tools to navigate anxious thoughts and feelings, fostering a sense of peace and trust in God’s plan for their missionary service.


Resolving Conflict with Christlike Love:

Interpersonal conflicts within missionary companionships can disrupt harmony and hinder effective missionary work. Our course offers strategies for resolving conflicts with compassion and unity, emphasizing the importance of maintaining positive relationships with companions. Through practical exercises and guidance rooted in LDS teachings, participants will learn how to communicate effectively, resolve disagreements, and strengthen bonds of trust and cooperation within their companionships.


Cultivating a Growth Mindset on the Mission:

Striving for perfection can be a common challenge for missionaries, leading to undue stress and self-criticism. In our course, participants will explore how to embrace growth over perfection, prioritizing progress and learning while letting go of unrealistic expectations. Drawing from teachings of grace and self-compassion found in LDS scriptures and teachings, participants will develop a healthier mindset grounded in gospel principles, allowing them to serve with greater joy and authenticity.